Buzzwords, Shmuzzwords . . . Give me Resilient Network Security.

I am so tired of the world needing flashy new words to drive attention where it needs to be.  I remember dealing with ‘network and IT security’ during my days at BT, explaining why all was secure and trustworthy to justify our acquisition of US companies to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US (otherwise known as ‘CFIUS’).  Such boring terms, we never had the sexy phrase ‘cyber security’ to use.  Maybe if we had, the process would have been more enjoyable and exciting!  Nah, I doubt it.

‘Big Data’ has already started to lose its luster, so ‘Dark Data’ has emerged – no, it’s not some sort of James Bond super-secret information to which only the intelligence agencies have access, it is old data that is not used every day but that may still have some business value.   Not quite the exciting explanation you would expect.

No, give me substance, give me effectiveness, and give me an eagerness and interest to get things done because they need to get done, not because there is some sensational word that catches everyone’s attention.  Give me ‘remote server’ instead of ‘Cloud,’ because that is all that it really is.  I don’t care what you call ‘cyber security’ at the end of the day, just take the steps you should take to make this country safer.  You don’t need the next most catchy word to do the right thing.