Pondera International is a business advisor to various early stage start-ups and small businesses.  Pondera's founder, Kristen Verderame, is a member of the Dingman Center Angels at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland for mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs.  She also dedicates time each week at TeqCorner in Northern Virginia to advise and mentor start-ups based in that facility.  Pondera services in this area include:

  • providing short-term interim management (CEO, COO, HR, GC)
  • developing business plans
  • conducting competitive market analysis
  • creation of go-to-market and long term strategies for growth
  • designing institutional organizational structures appropriate to the relevant growth stages
  • preparation of funding presentations and materials

Fee structures for start-ups are based on the size of the entity -- special rates are available for pre-revenue stage companies.