Pondera International serves as outside general counsel to a select group of small businesses and individuals, providing a 'one stop shop' to help guide clients through any legal issues they may encounter. Since we are a small boutique firm that leverages a large team of virtual subject matter experts, we are able to charge significantly lower rates for the same level of service and expertise as one would get from a large law firm.   For businesses, our general counsel services include specific expertise in a number of areas:

  • Corporate Formation - Identification and formation of the appropriate corporate vehicle, including setting up ownership and capital structure
  • Protection of Technology - Development of appropriate IP portfolio to ensure maximum and sound valuation
  • Contracts - Creation of commercial contract templates to enable repeatable business transactions with minimal legal assistance
  • Regulatory - Advice and guidance regarding applicable regulatory requirements
  • Employment/HR -Production of employment document templates, employee manuals, training and best practices

  • For individuals, we provide 'private' general counsel services to manage all of an executive's legal affairs.   Specific expertise in this area includes:

  • Legal  Business Entity - design and creation of the right legal entity for conducting future work activities
  • Contracts - development and/or review of contracts for employment, projects or services
  • Board Positions - advice and guidance regarding board of directors positions, including private corporate governance function and due diligence before committing to a board position
  • Investments - managing the legal side of your investment portfolio
  • Publications and the Media - handling the legal aspects of your relationship with the media, including publications
  • Government  Rules and Restrictions - providing advice and guidance regarding ongoing government or company restrictions on future activities to ensure compliance and protection

    Legal services are provided by Pondera Law LLC.